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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Flight

Angels are falling from the sky
with broken wings they cant fly
just like the memories in my head

I tried to catch her as she fall
but she wouldn't let me help at all
another story with a sad ending

and these tears in my eyes never seemed to find a place
as I open my mind I can still see your face..... Gone without a trace

Chorus: you know that I will break in even though my heart is aching coz I can’t wait until the day that your love will be mine

even though I’m full of sorrows there's always a chance tomorrow so I will wait until the day that your love will be mine

cant you hear my whisper? I will love you with all my heart but what you only hear is the shout... that we will break apart

cant you see I’m dying for you and my heart is what i gave you but once again you crashed it again and i might never fall in love again


  1. Ano nmang kanta to?? Mganda message kaso malay ko sa tono nya.. Cno sumulat??

  2. kmbal.. kanta ng frends ku.. hehe,, paparinig ku sayo mnsan.. lalagay ku sa cp ku pra mrinig mu.. hehe.. hanep s lyrics eh noh.. hahah

  3. pogi cguro kumanta nyan!

  4. Ay! oo! kilala ko ung gumawa ng kanata na yan! lahat pogi! lalo na ung drummer!

  5. sandali! wala kayang drums ung kanta na yan!

  6. wait lang din! indi ba yan tula? epal lang po! jejeje

  7. ```broken hearted... keep loving! dont loose hope!