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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guiding light

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lonely hearts come with me. take my hand and i'll set you free.
i'll show you the bright side of this world.

lonely hearts walk with me. don't be afraid coz i will be
your guiding light in to this blinding night.

and the world may leave you behind but my love will be forever.
 lost soul are you confused of what the world has offered you

i know you feel that there is something wrong
 that's why i'm knockin on your door soyou won't feel it anymore
and all you need to do is to surrender

 coz the world will leave you behind but my love will be forever.

 Hey! i've been waiting for you to comeback to me
hey! i can't stand to see you suffering that's why i sent my self to be a sacrifice for the world to see how much i really care
for every lonely heart out there.


  1. amen..galing talaga ni GOD,,daig pa ang lahat ng tao..ito ang hindi talaga mang-iiwan..sana po basahin niyo po ito..:)

  2. loi, wag mu gawan issue,, heheh.. Para sa mga reader yan,, in general.. hehe.. isipin niu na C LOrd ung ngsavi,, hehe.. okie..

    joi,Tama hehe.. xempre nman..

  3. ```God will never give hindrances you can't overcome, try to reach to his guidance and you will know how precious you are in many different ways.